Glasgow Table Soccer Association

Glasgow Subbuteo ... Golden Anniversary

50 Years and still Flicking!!!

Celebrate Our 50th Anniversary with Exciting New Changes!

🏆 Structured Fixtures:
Experience the thrill of knowing exactly who and when you'll play. Our structured fixtures ensure a dynamic season for every player.

🔥 Premier League & Championship:
The league has undergone a thrilling transformation. After playing each other once, it splits into the Premier League and the Championship. The top half competes for glory in the Premier League, while the bottom half vies for our inaugural Championship trophy.

🏆 Cup Competitions:
Get ready for cup competitions with a twist! No more replays for draws. Every match goes the distance to a thrilling shoot-out, ensuring no shortage of excitement.

🤝 Friendly Challenge League:
Introducing the Friendly Challenge League! Challenge any club member to a game and earn ranking points. Win against a higher-ranked player for even more points, adding a competitive edge to our friendlies.

👥 Community & Tutoring:
As always, our club remains a welcoming and supportive community. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting, everyone is welcome. Join us for camaraderie, tutoring, and the love of Subbuteo.

Join us for a year of celebration, competition, and camaraderie. Cheers to 50 years and many more to come!


Come along and find out more!

Learn & Play

Play friendlies and learn from experienced players on all aspects of the game including techniques, drills and rules.

Domestic Matches

Compete throughout the season in the clubs Premier League and various cup matches staged throughout the year.

National & International

Opportunities to participate in the individual and team events held by other clubs and organisations throughout Scotland, the UK, Europe and the world.

Social Aspects

Be part of a friendly and helpful group and join in on evenings out and weekends away.

Glasgow International Open 2023

"Congratulations to all winners in the recent Glasgow International Open. Thanks to all who attended making it a fantastic memorable occassion."

Glasgow International Open 2023 / 11th & 12th February 2023

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"Joining the club and participating in the league has made me a far better player that I ever could have been! A good friendly bunch of guys with plenty of advice and knowledge to share.."
Chad Wright / New Member since May 2022

Scotland's Flicking Awesome
Youtube Channel


Some highlights for you to watch

BBC Scotland

BBC Scotland's 'A View From the Terrace' graced our club in late October 2021. Giving an insight into the modern game of subbuteo and covering one of Scotlands events. Thanks to BBC Scotland for their coverage.

Glasgow Grand Prix Final

With a host of top players from all over the world the Normandy Hotel was the venue for the 2019 Glasgow Grand Prix. This is the first half of the Final between Spain's David Gonzalez Bermudez and Austria's Alexander Haas. Thanks to the American Subbuteo Association for recording and posting this match.

Glasgow International Open

This is the first half of the Glasgow International Open Plate Semi-Final between John Halpin (Glasgow) and Richard Badger (Wolverhampton). The Glasgow Open was held at The British Legion in Glasgow on Saturday 12th February 2022. Malcolm Lees was the Referee while Gage Badger did the recording. Thanks to Wolverhampton STFC for recording and posting the match.